Full Stack Developer with Ruby on Rails

Price: $1,299.00

Full Stack Developer with Ruby-on-Rails Profession
“Front-end” (or “client-side”) Web development involves using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and jQuery to make interactive applications that run inside a Web browser and can communicate with a Web server running remotely. HTML and CSS are the basic building blocks of Web pages. JavaScript is a full-fledged programming language and is the part that connects all the others together. jQuery is an open-source library that simplifies complex JavaScript applications, and jQuery UI enables you to build rich interfaces and basic widgets. In addition, front-end Web developers need to understand how to use the version control program Git and the collaboration website GitHub.

Full Stack Developer with Ruby-on-Rails Program

Adding in the “Full Stack”, this program continues on so you can discover web development with Rails, the popular web framework for building dynamic, database-backed web applications. The program offers instruction in Rails by example by building a substantial sample application from scratch. teaches Rails by guiding you through the development of three sample applications of increasing sophistication, focusing on the fundamental techniques in web development needed for virtually any kind of application. This program offers full compatibility with Rails 5 and numerous exercises interspersed in each lesson for maximum reinforcement. This indispensable guide provides integrated tutorials not only for Rails, but also for the essential Ruby, HTML, CSS, and SQL skills you need when developing web applications. The program reviews in-depth how each new technique solves a real-world problem, and then demonstrates it with bite-sized code that’s simple enough to understand, yet useful.

Program Objectives
Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Install and configure a complete Rails environment
  • Manage the application development life cycle
  • Build the user interface using HTML5
  • Format the user interface using CSS
  • Code the user interface using JavaScript
  • How to install and set up your Rails development environment
  • Optional easy start using pre-installed IDE in the cloud
  • How to build Rails applications from scratch
  • Learn testing and test-driven development
  • Effectively use the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern
  • Structure applications using REST architecture
  • Build static pages and transform them into dynamic ones
  • Implement registration and authentication systems, including validation and secure passwords
  • How to deploy your application

Optional Volunteer Externship Opportunity

Students who complete this program are eligible to participate in an optional volunteer externship opportunity with a local company/agency/organization whose work aligns with this area of study in order to gain valuable hands-on experience.  As students progress through their eLearning program, an Externship Coordinator will reach out to coordinate placement.

Additional documentation including health records, immunizations, drug-screening, criminal background checks, etc. may be required by the externship facility.